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The OperationsCommander web application has an upcoming maintenance release.  Please take some time to review this information to assess the impact on your production environment and workflow.

The updates will be available on preview sites April 17th and released to production environments April 24th.

New - Restricting Payment for Items Sent to Collections

When a Municipal end user has violations that have been sent to court for collection, the Admin has the ability to limit the users ability to purchase permits until such time as the violations is collected. 
The admin can also restrict the ability to pay these violations on the admin side.  For more information check out this wiki article.

Note: You must be setup to use the "Court Requested Conviction" status and workflow. Currently this is only available for the Ontario Court. Contact your sales representative for more information.

New - Archive Categories in IncidentAdmin Functionality

Admins can now be granted the permission to archive categories and sub-categories in IncidentAdmin.

New - Fields Added for General Ledger Codes

We have added custom fields for clients who want to assign specific General Ledger (GL) account numbers to each lot. There is also a custom field that you can use to capture your HST or Tax GL code.

Fixed - Parking Lots listed as Visible

We have fixed an issue that allowed parking lots to be visible on the user side when they were marked "Not Visible"

OperationsCommander parking and security management platform
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