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The OperationsCommander web application has an upcoming maintenance release.  This is a very large release with many functionality changes.

Please take some time to review this information to assess the impact on your production environment and workflow.

The updates will be available on preview sites July 17th and released to production environments July 24th.

New - Permit Invoicing

All permits can now be invoiced, even if they have not been rolled over. You can now prepare invoices, cancel them, and perform automatic credit card & EFT payments for permit purchases.  For more information, refer to this wiki article.

New - Invoiced Permits Report

OPS-COM Admins are now able to generate a report showing a summary of all invoicing by date and by lot. This is different from the payment reports as items that show up here have been invoiced only. You can also search for invoices issued in a specific time frame. For more information, refer to this wiki article.

New - Enabling Permit Rollovers without Previous Payment

Some clients choose to invoice their customers for their Permit Rollovers. What happens if the client hasn't paid for the previous month when you are ready to rollover to the next month? There is a now a setting that allows Admins to decide if the previous permit must be paid before another rollover can be completed. For more information, refer to this wiki article.

New - Billing Account Setup Report

This report allows you to check if all users have billing accounts, company managers, and payment subscription settings added correctly.

New - Failed Payments Report

This report will show any automatic credit card payments that have failed in a specified date range. 

New - Lot Value Report 

The Lot Value Report will summarize your Lot utilization and total value of the permits sold in each lot. It is a snapshot of the lot values at the time you run it.  For more information, refer to this wiki article.

New - Flag as Sent to Collections

OperationsCommander has the ability to set a flag on a violation that will allow the violation to bypass the normal collections system. This means that the violation will not be sent to MTO for lookup, be sent a Notice of Impending Conviction letter or be sent to the Provincial courts. This flag is important to allow Municipal clients to honor a clients request for a trial immediately after receiving the violation. For more information, refer to this wiki article.

New - Viewing Chalk Details by Plate

OPS-COM Admins can now view chalking details for previously chalked vehicles. This is useful in the case of a violation dispute. The GPS location, date, time and the Officer that chalked the vehicle will all be shown. For more information, refer to this wiki article.

New - Hiding Zero Dollar Violations

There is a new setting in OPS-COM. When enabled, this prevents $0.00 violations that are not warnings, from being displayed on the User Portal. These violations will still show up on the Admin portal and will show on the Report by Officer and the Violation Summary by Officer report.

New - Contextual Help Available

There are now two ways to get contextual help while working in OperationsCommander. There are links to wiki articles that you may find useful when interacting with the page. There are also Tooltip text boxes that can contain useful explanations and tips for understanding the functionality on the page.  Both are activated by clicking on the relevant icon.

Updated - Setup Company Contacts

You can now setup your Billing Contact, Company Manager and the contact that receives the invoice separately in OPS-COM. There can be many Company Managers but only one Billing Contact per company. There can now be multiple contacts that receive emailed invoices. Individual users (not part of a company) can now receive invoices.  For more information, refer to this wiki article.

Updated - Display the PIN on the Notice of Impending Conviction Letter

We now display the full ticket number including the PIN number on the Notice of Impending Conviction letter.

Updated - The Daily Submitted and Daily Processed Reports have been combined

These reports have a new look and feel and have been combined to allow you to choose either Submitted or Processed.  It is now called the Daily Payments Report.  Invoice payments are now included on this report.

Updated - Prevent Permit Release when Cancelling an Unprocessed Payment

You can now choose to "Cancel & Keep" or "Cancel & Release" a permit when cancelling an Unprocessed payment.

Updated - Messaging for Anonymous Appeals

Users must login to launch an appeal. The messaging has been updated to clarify this to users.


  • OC-2353 - An issue that prevented archived categories from displaying correctly on the Incident Summary Report.
  • OC-2768 - An issue that caused an error if an email address contained a dot (.) and a dash (-) in it:
  • OC-2692 - An issue that showed some items on the court summary report that should not have been there.
  • OC02707 - An issue with exporting the Repeat Offenders - Unprocessed report.

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