The OperationsCommander Android application has a new release. If you have auto-update enabled, you should get the new version the next time you start the application.

Please review the new functionality and fixes implemented in this release.

New - Wildcard Searches

  • Wildcard searches have been added to the first and last character to assist with reading plates that are obsured by a plate cover. This enhances our LPR functionality.

New - Edit Fine Amounts

  • The ability to edit the Fine amount on tickets with only one offence has been added. Multiple offences on one ticket are not currently supported.

New - Hide Towing Charges

  • Towing Charges can now be hidden from printing on tickets generated on the handhelds.  This is a device-specific setting that must be enabled Handheld unit of OPS-COM.  

New - Plate Correction on the Handheld 

  • When using the OCR Plate Reader technology, plates that read incorrectly on the handheld unit can now be corrected immediately.  As an example, if the system always reads ABC123 as ABC128 you can make the edit in the field and the system will store the filter to replace the plate with the appropriate value.  

New - Support for Alphanumeric Permits 

  •  Alphanumeric permits can now be supported on the handheld.  This is to support new functionality in OperationsCommander that is expected to be launched in early December.

New - Database Connection Indicator


  • There is now a green dot indicating database connection on the search pages.  The green dot, seen in the top left of the panel denotes that there is a connection to the database systems.  If the dot is orange, it means that the system has lost the connection but does have cached data.  


  • Fixed bug with LPR manual search related to mismatch province

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  1. John Griffiths We need a screenshot for editing a bad read I think. Can you put one in? Also, we should release this through I/O to all handheld contacts. Use the template for other release notes so we don't send the whole thing. I will post this to Headway.

  2. Josh Mulloy Can you make sure everything on these release notes are documented on the wiki and test rail?

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