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The OperationsCommander Android application has a new release. If you have auto-update enabled, you should get the new version the next time you start the application.

Please review the new functionality and fixes implemented in this release.

New - Plate Lookup Filtering

OPS-COM for Android can now map plates to new values to help with better LPR reads. In cases where the plate may be difficult to read there is logic in place to provide various alternative plates based on commonly misinterpreted letters and numbers. 

For example: if a plate is misread by LPR as ABC128 when the plate is actually ABC123 

  • This would be problematic as the system may continue to see "3" as "8".

The Patrol Officer is now able to view an expanded list of possible plates that could match the LPR captured plate. Continued corrections will result in the system getting better and better reads as time goes on.

Helpful Tip: When entering plate numbers manually this feature will also help in identifying errors in entries.

Continuing with our example:

If an officer enters ABC128 when the plate is actually ABC123, the system would retrieve and list the known plate that is a possible match based on common misreads, with the plate it does not recognize . As you can see in the image below, the list is showing ABC128 as being a plate that is not yet in the system (unlisted vehicle), however it also lists ABC123 as a possible match to a plate that is already in the system.(Database query result.). Keeping this in mind will help officers recognize errors in entering data manually.

OperationsCommander parking and security management platform
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