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The OperationsCommander team is pleased to announce the release of our improved handheld software. OPS-COM for Android is better than ever. Please review the new functionality and fixes implemented in this release.

What's Included?


Printing can now be toggled on or off for the following items listed on a violation:

  1. Client Name
  2. Dotted Header
  3. Towing Fee
  4. Bar Code
  5. Warning Value
  • Refer to the System Settings screenshot below to see the new settings

  • The first violation has all options toggled on and the second violation has all options toggled off.



  • Connectivity to the PL8RDR server has been improved.
  • OC-1944 - a bug was addressed that prevented the LPR from being turned on or off after chalking.
  • Validated and fixed bug with chalk/violation grace period from DB
  • Fixed a TicketCategory bug
  • Fixed download file from different handheld / LPR camera


  • LPR images have been lightened to reduce excessive "dark" contrast.
  • Additional LPR logging meta data has been added to records.
  • Removed pop-up stating "Network data connection not available". The visual green/orange indicator is still available.
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