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The OperationsCommander team is pleased to announce the release of our improved handheld software on . OPS-COM for Android is better than ever. Please review the new functionality and fixes implemented in this release.


  • Tracking vehicle "active" state
  • Display vehicle active state in search results
  • Implement option in settings "Alarm on inactive"

This new functionality will now allow the patrol officer to see whether or not a vehicle is active or inactive as they patrol in the field. 

  • A red dot will indicate the vehicle is inactive
  • A green dot will indicate the vehicle is active

For LPR users there is also an option to sound an alarm when an inactive vehicle is read.
By selecting this "Trigger on Inactive Vehicle" an auditory buzzer will sound when the plate is read to indicate this vehicle is not valid due to it's inactive state.


  • Converted some UI elements to newer layout; removed some deprecated options
OperationsCommander parking and security management platform
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