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The OperationsCommander team is pleased to announce the release of our improved handheld software on . OPS-COM for Android is better than ever. Please review the new functionality and fixes implemented in this release.


  1. OPS-COM for Android now has the ability to search permits using partial permit numbers. This is known as a Wildcard Match search. To engage Wildcard Match the patrol officer must tap to select the checkbox located just below the search entry field. As an example, if you were to have a permit number AFT4-1118 in the system, you would be able to enter 1118 as the search string and it would return the full AFT4-1118 permit as well as any other permit that contain 1118 anywhere in the sequence of characters in the permit number.


  1. OC-3099 - Fixed an issue that showed Offence items on the handheld that were marked as hidden.

  2. OC-2858 - Fixed an issue where Text2ParkMe permits were not showing on the handheld unit when there was no group or zone filter selected.
OperationsCommander parking and security management platform
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