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Users are never truly deleted in OPS-COM. Deleting can create unintended consequences where payment records or permit records become orphaned, instead, we archive user profiles.  Disabling a User prevents them from logging into the User Portal but does not archive them.

Archive Process

Locate the User you wish to edit/update by searching for a user.  Click on the Username and the Profile Dashboard will display for that user. 

On the top right-hand corner you will see the name of the user that changes will be applied to.

Click the Edit button on the Basic Profile Information bar or click the Profile dropdown and click Edit Profile Information.

The Edit User Profile screen is displayed. 

Disable User Account

Disable the Allow user to login and mark account as active checkbox.

Click the Submit Registration Information for Processing button at the bottom of the page.

Click the Information Correct button to submit the change. 

Archive User Account

Follow the steps above to locate and disable a user. Now choose an Archive User Type from the Archive Type dropdown list.

Click the Archive User button and click OK on the confirmation pop-up.

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