When do we use this?

The 'Awaiting Payment' option allows administrators to view/edit details on permits that have not been paid (and do not have a promise to pay yet).
Only permits in a currently active sales window will show up on this report.

Awaiting Payment Report

To begin hover over the 'Permit Management' icon and click 'Awaiting Payment'.

The 'Permits Awaiting Payment' screen is displayed. 

The Envelope icon allows administrators to email that user if an email is on file.

The Profile icon allows administrators to view/edit the user's profile.

The 'Email Listed' button allows administrators to send a single email message to all users listed in the table.
You will be prompted to enter your message for the body of the email and attach any files to the message.
After you send the the email you will get a confirmation that the Mail message has been queued for delivery.

You may also want to list awaiting payment by lot. Select the lot you wish to report on from the drop down menu.

From this same screen you can generate an exported file. Used the highlighted buttons to export to Excel, csv,PDF or copy to clipboard. You may also send the report to print from here.

The permit number link allows administrators to view/edit permit details and process payments.

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