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When do we use this?

The Building Area menu item allows administrators to add buildings that have lockers and break the buildings down by areas. This makes is easier for end-users identify what locker they want to purchase. At any time, the administrator can use this menu option to update building area information.

  1. Hover over the Lockers icon and click 'Building Area.'
  2. The 'Locker Administration Area' page is displayed. 
  3. Click 'Add New Building' to add a new building . 

  4. Now click 'Add New Building Area' to identify a specific area inside a building.  If you wish end-users to be able to purchase these lockers online you must enable the "This area is visible to site users" checkbox.  Choose the Locker User Type, the Locker Sales Window you will be using with this building area and the Locker Cost. 

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