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Bluetooth communication is supported with several protocols specific to hardware.  Apple devices do not communicate in the same manner as Android devices as an example.  This page highlights some items for proper Android setup.

These instructions are intended for Bluetooth enabled printers by Star Micronics, specifically the SM series.

If your printer doesn't match the specifications above, the Bluetooth selection process may be different.

Please consult your hardware manufacturers manual for detailed instructions on switching your Bluetooth mode for Androids. 

Android Bluetooth Mode 

Some Star Micronics printers have a mode called Bluetooth (iAP). This mode is intended for Apple/iOS devices only and won't work properly with Android devices.

Even if the device appears to be pairing with the printer in the bluetooth settings area.

To fix this you must go into the printers settings and change the Bluetooth Mode from Bluetooth (iAP) to Bluetooth Mode or Bluetooth.

It may be called something slightly different depending on your printer model, just make sure to switch to Bluetooth without the iAP suffix.

Changing the Printers Bluetooth Mode

  1. To begin power on the printer by holding the Power Button down for 3 seconds until the printer beeps.

  2. To enter the Printer Settings hold down both the Power Button and Feed Button simultaneously for roughly 5 seconds. You should see the printer enter settings mode (LED will flash). After 5 seconds have passed let go of the buttons. You have now entered the Printer Settings configuration area.

    When in the Printer settings mode:

    • Selecting the Power Button will change the setting you're currently looking at (Bluetooth iAP most likely).
    • Selecting the Feed Button will skip to the next available setting that can be changed.

  3. When you first enter the Printer Settings you should be looking at the Bluetooth (iAP) mode which is shown on the LED indicator. Simply click the Power Button to change the current mode to either Bluetooth Mode or Bluetooth (whichever one doesn't have iAP).

  4. Once you have a Bluetooth mode selected hold down the Power Button and Feed Button simultaneously for another 5 seconds to exit and save your changes to the Printer Settings. 
    Your device will print a detailed list showing your new settings.

  5. The correct Bluetooth mode should now be shown on the LED indicator screen (i.e. iAP shouldn't be selected).

Confirm Settings

Follow the instructions to pair your device to the OperationsCommander Android application.

Once done, perform a test to ensure you can print from your Android device. 

OperationsCommander parking and security management platform