When do we use this?

The Company Permit Report provides a breakdown users with valid permits by their Company. It will show the following information:

  • Account Name & Number
  • Permit Number
  • Permit Sales Window
  • Lot Name
  • Rate Code
  • User Type
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Processed Date

This report is exportable in a .CSV format.

  1. In Parking Management, hover over Permit Management and click Reports then Company Permit Report.
  2. The Company Permit Report screen will display. You can filter by Processed On/Active on dates or by Company. Enable the check box if you want to show archived permits in your search results. In this case we are looking for 'Jones Windows'. Enter this in the company box and click Search. The active on field is the date that the sales window is active for. 
  3. Click the Export button to create a .CSV file.
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