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In order to send plate reads in to the OPS-COM system TCP messaging has to be configured.

Events - Actions Settings

In the Plate Reader tab click on Event Actions.

This is the area to setup the appropriate call outs to the ANPR-Server

As well, at the bottom the JPEG Header needs updating.

*  FTP is not necessary and is only enabled on this screen shot due to development/testing. 
*  Please note that (TCP) Ocr Not Read will follow the same standards as listed below.

TCP Message on Ocr Read or NoRead

Selecting the TCP Message (and there are two which may be used)

Other third parties may already be using TCP #1

Parameters can be altered as necessary, those displayed are current at the time of writing.

At this time the MESSAGE string is:

... on Ocr READ:

... on Ocr NOT READ:

This sends the plate, B/W image, colour image, and the bounding rectangle of the plate in the image. 

We use the BW image to create the thumbnail image (required).
We use the COL image to create the context image (not required).

Note the server address and port at the bottom of the form. 

JPEG Image Header Configuration

On the first page, selecting the JPEG Header Config brings you to this page.

Standard defaults apply, however we have added the %SITE_ADDRESS to the list.

This bit of information is recorded elsewhere within the camera setup. 
The Site Address is essentially the client subdomain where the end result of the scanned images will be sent.

ie. SITE_ADDRESS = tomahawku-preview; results in

General Settings

Under  Plate Reader -> General  is where the  Site Address  is located.

Update appropriately to match the location where LPR data should be stored.

Once that is all configured you can then set it to pick up the IP Address automatically.

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