This page describes the configuration of a Static (Vega Model) camera to work with the OPS-COM system.



Network Settings

Obtain the device IP address and other network details from your IT department. 
Configure the camera to be recognized as a standard network device.

Changes on this panel will reboot the device.

The NetBiosName is the name of the device on your network.  Choose a descriptive name for the camera.

Spaces and other special characters are not supported. 

Required fields are:

  • IP Address
  • Net Mask
  • Gateway
  • DNS Server

Plate Reader

General Settings

Configure the site address which should be  client_subdomain : CLIENT_ID  (no spaces)

Your subdomain is the first part of your web portal address. 

As an example, the demo Tomahawk University is located on the web at and the entry here would be  tomahawku:OC_TOMA

If you are unsure of the client_subdomain or CLIENT_ID please contact OPS-COM support

Frame Grabber Settings

Changes on this panel will reboot the device.

Iris Bounding Region

  • For faster plate reads you can adjust the capture area
  • Typically factory defaults to full frame
  • For PL8RDR, it is necessary to create padding around the capture area (minimum 30 pixels)
    • In this example we have modified the factory defaults by 10% all around 
  • Click on Show Iris Window to see the bounding box.

Camera Auto Iris (advanced)

Usually unnecessary to make changes in this advanced area.

As directed by OPS-COM support staff adjustments may be made to specific camera properties.

  • iris
  • gain
  • shutter speed

Events Actions

  • There are 2 TCP Message options:
    • Ocr Read
    • Ocr Not Read (vanity plates)

Ocr Read Events

  • READ (key fields)

    • Enabled = Yes
    • Server IP =

    • Server Port = 32000


Ocr No Read Events

  • NO_READ (key fields)

    • Enabled = Yes
    • Server IP =

    • Server Port = 32000

JPEG Image Header

Select to edit the configuration by selecting the Config button

Add %SITE_ADDRESS to the field Other custom TAGS

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