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Creation of 'Critical' Support Issue

Severity Level

Critical - System outage or impact that threatens immediate work stoppage.
Urgent - Production is proceeding in a significantly impaired fashion but not causing an immediate work stoppage.


To launch a Critical or Urgent ticket, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on 'Submit a Ticket.'

  3. Choose 'OPS-COM' as the department and click 'Next'.

  4. Fill in the details for your ticket. You must choose 'Critical' as the Priority for either Severity level.

  5. Enter the Captcha Phrase and click the Submit button.
  6. You will see a message displayed that the ticket has been received.

  7. Marking the ticket as "Critical" triggers our notification process and the person on call will receive a text message. Your ticket will be assessed and you will get a response within 20 minutes letting you know what is happening with your issue. 

    NOTE: Only tickets marked "Critical" will trigger the notification process.




Comments  (7)


  1. Shannon JonesJustin Gendron

    Hi Guys,
    May I ask you to have a look at this and let me know if this process is defined properly.

  2. Justin Gendron Do the clients need to login to this system to create a ticket? Do they know their login details? also, this process seems like it is for internal users. Let me know your thoughts.

    cc: John Griffiths


    1. Shannon Jones Clients do NOT require an account, though they can create one if they wish to do so, as Dave has done, and perhaps a few others.

      Yes, the screenshots seem like they were taken internally while logged into our staff/admin side of Kayako. The public, non logged in users would go to and click "submit ticket" > OPSCOM > Priority needs to be critical for text alerts.

      The "Urgent" status doesn't notify via text, so maybe we should remove it.

  3. John Griffiths Justin Gendron OK, thanks for all your time and efforts. I have tested this and confirmed it works. We are good to go with our notifications. I will be moving this to the public wiki. Please review it one more time to see if I missed any spelling or grammar stuff.

    1. Shannon Jones As discussed I removed the "Urgent" priority since it was a bit redundant, and also didn't trigger the text messages to Robin and I. Think this article should be updated to remove reference to Urgent priority.

      1. Thanks Justin. The word Urgent is used here as part of the Severity Levels discussed in their contract. They need to choose Critical as a ticket priority for either Severity. 

  4. John Griffiths I updated this with Robin's suggestions.

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