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Customer support is for the most part literally an email, phone call or chat request away.  For issues that are non-critical, this guide offers some details related to service levels and available functionality for support.

Service Levels


Standard Plus


Monday-Friday 9-5 EST

Monday-Friday 9-5 EST

Monday-Friday 9-5 EST


  • email support:

  • telephone support

  • notification within 1 hour

  • during business hours

Support Queues

We use support queues to filter and prioritize support issues.  No matter how the message gets into the queue, it will receive the same level of attention based on many different factors.

For most clients a reply will be sent within 1-2 hours.

Email Access

Simply send an email to which should send you an account setup email that will allow you to create an account in the support system. Make sure you check your spam folders for this email. 

Launch a Critical Ticket

Only tickets marked "Critical" will trigger the after hours notification process. 

Please note, Critical is defined as a system outage or impact that threatens immediate work stoppage or production is proceeding in a significantly impaired fashion.  

To launch a Critical ticket, please follow the steps below: 

  • Visit
    1. If you are logged in, Click the green arrows icon for Other Questions

    2. If you are not logged in either login or select "Continue without creating an account"
  • Fill out the form and ensure the priority is set to "Critical".
  • Click Create to complete the process.

The screen will refresh and your ticket will be listed in the window (if you are logged in).

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