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When do we use this?

We use this functionality when we want to create a non-critical ticket.

Service Levels

StandardStandard PlusPremium
Monday-Friday 9-5 ESTMonday-Friday 9-5 ESTMonday-Friday 9-5 EST

  • email support:
  • in-app chat support
  • notification within 2 hours
    during business hours
  • email support:
  • telephone support
  • in-app chat support
  • notification within 1 hour
    during business hours

When signed into the OPS-COM Admin Portal, users have the ability to launch a help desk ticket. This service should only be used for non-critical tickets. For launching a critical ticket, please refer to this article.

  1. Click the Chat icon at the bottom right of any corner of any OPS-COM page.
  2. Click the Icon to launch an in-app chat window. Click Start a conversation to start the chat.
  3. Depending on the nature of your request you will get a response back from OperationsCommander Support within 1-24 hours.


OperationsCommander parking and security management platform