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When do we use this?

The Detailed Permit Sales Report by Lot can be used to report financial information about paid and processed permit sales, grouped by lot for a specified time frame. This report will show the payment received for each permit. It will not display any unprocessed payments or adjustments. This report will useful for pulling monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales reports.

  1. Hover over Parking Management, Reports and click Detailed Permit Sales Report.

  2. The Detailed Permit Sales Report by Lot search screen will display.  Enter the date range you wish to report on. In this example we are looking at the month of October 2018.  Click the List Payments  button to generate the report.

  3. The screen will refresh with the report listed below the search fields. 
    The first section of the report is grouped by lot and displays the payment details for permits in each specific lot.
    The second section of the report shows a summary of all lots.

    • There will be one line item for each permit included on an invoice. If an invoice is only for a single item, it will have a single line. If an invoice has multiple permits, then the report will display a line for each.

    Here is a sample of the information presented for each lot. In this case we are looking at the Payments for Red Staff Lot West.

    The Summary by Lot section appears as follows, listing each lot with total sales amounts for each lot.

  4. The report can also be exported to excel. The excel report looks like this:

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