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When do we use this?

The History tab allows administrators to view/edit all transactions and adjustments (locker reservations/rentals, permit reservations/payments, violations/payments, appeals/payments, DNTT records and email records) on a user's account. 

1.  There are a number of links on this page that administrators can select to get additional information, make edits, adjustments and/or refunds. 

The View Complete History link provides administrators with another view of all user transactions. This view has the transactions ordered by date with the most recent transaction at the top of the list. Administrators can select the View links to get additional information on each of the transactions, make edits, adjustments or refunds.

The Adjust link allows administrators to make adjustments to transactions/payments that have been processed.

The Item Number link (locker number, permit number, violation ticket number, appeals record number) allows administrators to view/edit details about the item.  Click the 'Update' button to save any changes you make.

The Pay Date link indicates whether or not a transaction was fully processed, when it was processed and when selected it links to the payment details. Administrators can view/edit other details of the transaction, complete the processing of a payment, no refunds or make adjustments. 


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