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When do we use this?

There are a number of options available to you when editing incidents. Note, you may not have access to all options if your permissions are not set.

  1. From the Incident Information page, select the 'Edit Incident' button
  2. Enter or change any new information, then select 'Update Incident Details'
  3. Select 'View Incident' to return to the Incident Information page
  4. There are other options listed down the side bar. An explanation for each button is below:

    Close Incident - Select this button to toggle the incident between Closed and Open.
    Edit Incident - Select this button to toggle between viewing and editing the incident.
    Distribute Incident - Select this button to create a distribution report. This locks the incident from being edited.
    Email Incident - Select this button to generate an email about the incident.
    Download Incident - Select this button to download a PDF copy of the incident. This locks the incident from being further edited.
    Toggle Read Status - Select this button to toggle the read status from 'unread' to 'read' or 'read' to 'unread'

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