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When do we use this?

'Email Users' allows administrators to email users with notices or important information.

To email an individual user

1. Hover over the 'User Management' icon and then 'Email Users'. Select the group you want to email. The 'More' option allows the administrator to send emails to a more specific groups of users.

2.  The 'Compose Email Message' screen will display. Click the 'View Email Recipient List' button to confirm you are sending the email to the appropriate users. Type a Subject and a Message. You can also add attachments by clicking the 'Choose File' button. When you have finished composing your email, click the 'Send Email Message' button.

3. A dialog box will open asking you to confirm you are sending the email. Click 'Yes'. The message 'Mail message has been queued for delivery' will display.


*If you would like to target your email to a specific group, there are many options available in the More... menu. You can also export the 'Consented Report' to allow you to see all users that have given you consent to contact them by email.


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