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If an individual does not want to create an account or enter personal information when paying a violation they have the ability through Guest Payments to pay for a ticket without having an account.

In our test scenario, we have ticket #TT-10365-S1 (Note: Ticket number is TT-10365- and S1 is the PIN)

Written by Vehicle ABC123 User: jsmith

  1. Go to the login page and click Lookup your Ticket


  2. Enter the ticket number including the PIN number in the appeals field (TT-10133-3K)

  3. Click Search. The Violation Ticket Login screen appears. Note the link to the ananymous payment

  4. Click anonymous payment to display the Payment window.

  5. Select the Payment Option and enter the user's email address. Then select Submit Payment.

  6. Click Submit Payment. The user will be able to enter their information based on the payment type chosen, in this case the page with redirect to AuthorizeNet to make the payment

  7. Enter your card information and billing information, then click Pay Now. The system displays the payment confirmation screen.

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