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Taking advantage of the fuzzy search capabilities and the read corrections with LPR will improve read rates.

Fuzzy Searching

The PL8-RDR system supports fuzzy searching based on user supplied values.

In the case of the LPR system "seeing" ABC123, it will also validate against A8C123 and ABC128 or A8C12B.

Manual Corrections

You can improve plate reads by making corrections and verifying correct plates on the system. OPS-COM has an algorithm that includes the human updates as part of the read score.  Therefore, if a plate is misread and corrected, it is very probable that the system will return the (human) updated version.

Further, the system does fuzzy searching... this means it will look for a plate in the system that matches a pattern.  For example, a plate of ABC123 may be read as A8C128.  With fuzzy searching and based on time of day etc. the system will return ABC123 if that plate has a permit (but will also note that it was a "fuzzy" read of the plate).

If you see a score of 100% in the LPR report that means that the system determined a human updated version was the best match since a score of 100% is theoretically impossible with LPR cameras.

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