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Violations can be issued to a person or a vehicle on OPS-COM for Android. This article describes the steps to issue to a person. This method will allow you to print a ticket with the users drivers licence and name.  To issue a violation to a vehicle refer to this wiki article.

Person Search

To issue a violation to a person tap on Person Search from the main menu of the OPS-COM app. 

This will bring up the Person Search interface which will allow you to search an existing user or create a new one. 

Name Search

Supply an existing user in the Name Search and tap Search to find the person you are looking for. If supplied by the user their full name, phone number, driver license and student/staff id will be shown here. You will also see the people alarms associated with that user which will let off a sound notification from your tablet. This allows you to perform a search on a user without issuing a violation to gather additional details about them. 

Wildcard Search

You can also perform a wildcard search that will allow you to search users based on their phone number, student/staff ID or drivers licence. 

Creating Users

If a person is not known in your system you are able to use the Create button to create a new user. The violation will then be associated to that users account.

To create a user you will need to add their personal details manually. 

If the user fails to supply their personal information you can select the Failed to Identify box above the user details to continue issuing the violation.

Issuing Person Violations

Setting up Person Violations

The system allows you to issue personal, vehicle or both personal and vehicle violations. This allows officers to write tickets with both plate and personal information or issue violations unrelated to vehicles.

In order for these violations to be issued you must have a ticket category that applies to users. For more information see our article on Ticket Categories.

To begin issuing a violation to a person tap their name on the Person Search interface. This brings up the Add Violation Record window where you can begin recording your violation details. 

Supply the Ticket Type and Offence Type.

Next we can move to the person tab to get more information about the user and correct anything that might not be correct.

If the user fails to supply their personal information you can select the Failed to Identify box above the user details to continue issuing the violation. 

We can also search for a user by tapping the Person Search button. This will allow us to search for a different user or to complete the user info if you were issuing a violation from Plate Search.

Click Save or Save & Print to finish issuing the violation.

Make sure to sync your tablet as soon as possible to ensure the data is pushed to the admin side database. 

Person Search "Cancels" Violation

It may seem like searching for a person from the violation screen cancels the process however hitting the back button on your handheld device will take you back to your violation information. 

Printing a Person Violation

Printer Setup

Before you can print a ticket you must have the printer connected by Bluetooth and selected in your printer settings under System Settings. For more info see: Choosing and Configuring Printers

Unlike vehicles, personal violations allow you to display the users name and drivers licence on the ticket. This also allows you to conveniently issue violations that aren't relate to vehicles.

To print a person violation follow the steps above on searching the user and tap Save & Print

This will print the ticket on your Bluetooth printer and take you back to the person search interface. 

Printer Ticket Example

Below is an example of a ticket that with both person and vehicle information.

If you issue a person only violation then the license plate will not be included on the ticket. 

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