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System administrators have the ability to limit the number of active vehicle allowed on a user's profile, and this restriction applies to the user portal only. The administrator may add as many active vehicles as they like to a user profile.

On the Administration Interface

Active vehicle restriction is controlled through user types.

To edit the number of additional vehicles allowed to be active hover over Admin Options -> Users and click User Types.

Select the user type to edit from the drop down list.

In this case we care choosing to edit Full Time Student.

The screen will refresh with the configuration parameters for Full Time Student.

Edit the Active Vehicles number to reflect how many additional active vehicle may be on a profile. 

Once a single vehicle has been added to a profile, the user must always have at least one active vehicle so this number represents how many additional active vehicles can exist. This setting would mean the user may have a maximum of 2 active vehicles.

What Users See on the User Portal

Now that the limit has been set lets have a look at how it affects the user's ability to add vehicles.

To add a vehicle to a profile, click on the Vehicle tab to access the vehicles information section of the user profile.

In this tab you will see what vehicles, if any, are already associated with the user. 

In this case we have a beige Acura with plate number ABC316.

Click on Add New Vehicle to enter another vehicle.

Fill out the vehicle information and click Save Changes to register this vehicle. 

The user will see a pop up message indicating the vehicle was successfully added.

The vehicle will be added to the user's profile and appear on the Vehicles tab.

Now we will try to add a third vehicle.

Recall that we have set the user type to only allow a maximum of 2 active vehicles

Enter the vehicle information and click save changes to register this vehicle.

Again you will receive the pop up message indicating the vehicle was successfully added.

The vehicle will be added to the Vehicles page however, notice this time the vehicle has been added in an Inactive state.

If at this point the user attempts to make this third vehicle active by toggling the vehicle state.

They would receive a pop up message indicating that this vehicle can not be made active due to the limit you have set for this user type.

Conversely, if a user tried to make all vehicles on their profile inactive, this would cause a pop up to appear indicating the user must have at least one active vehicle. 

Important Note

If the vehicle being added is already in the system but not currently associated with the user, the user will be prompted by asking if they wish to add this existing vehicle to the profile.

In this case the same rules described here will still apply.

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