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When do we use this?

The List Overdue report allows administrators to report on violations that have not been paid before the due date. Once the violation is paid it would drop off of this report. You can filter on User Type, Ticket Type, and Date.

Hover over the Violations icon and click the List Overdue menu item to get the overdue violations report. 

The Overdue Violation Payments screen is displayed. Select your parameters for the search and click List Overdue Records.
The report will appear at the bottom of the screen with the violation number, details, amount, and offender details. 

Emailing Users

You can click on the user email address to email users directly related to their overdue violations. You can also select Email Listed Users at the bottom of the report to send an email to all users on the report. 

Generating an Excel Report

Click Generate Excel Report to create an excel document for your records or further manipulation.

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