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When do we use this?

Locations are used to identify buildings and/or places on campus and are used when issuing Violations. Locations can be added, edited, and managed by following these steps.

Click Admin Options, Manage Locations and Locations.

The Manage Locations page displays.


Adding a Location

Click the Add Location button to begin.

  • Enter the name of your new location. In our example the name is Mulloy Library.
  • Select the Sub-Location(s) you would like associated with this location. Sub-Locations are used in incident reporting and do not apply to vehicle violations.
  • To have the location be Writer Visible, click on the "Writer Visible" checkbox beside the location. 
  • The GIS Number is optional and is used by clients who use a geographic location code.
  • Click on Save Changes to continue.

The Manage Locations page will refresh and display a confirmation message indicating the Location has been updated.

Deleting a Location

A location can be deleted from the system provided it is not associated to any records. If a location is eligible for deletion you will see a delete button for that specific Location.
In our example you see the delete button on the Arena location. Click on the Delete button to begin the process.

A confirmation popup will appear. Click the Delete button to continue. This action will remove the location from the system.

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