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When do we use this?

The Locker Sales Window feature allows the admin to configure when Lockers go on sale and what time frames they are valid.  There are three important parameters that need to be set in this process.

  1. When the Lockers will be available to purchase
  2. What date the Locker purchase becomes valid
  3. What date the Locker purchase expires

This article will guide you through the process of setting these dates and making the Sales Window active.

  1. Hover over Allocations and click Sales Windows under Lockers.
  2. Click Retrieve next to 'Create a New Locker Sales Window' and fill in the information as shown. 

    The Sales Window Type is the type of Alloocation you are choosing. For example if students but give up and re-purchase lockers each Semester you would choose Semester or yearly if they must re-purchase each year.
    The Start Date is the day you want the locker to go on sale to the public. This is the first day it will be available for purchase.
    The End date is when the Locker expires and will no longer belong to the person who purchased it. 

  3. Click Insert Semester to create the Sales window.  Now you will need to make that Sales Window active. Hover over Allocations and click 'Active Sales Window' under Lockers.
  4.  The Active Locker Sales Windows screen displays. Enable the radio button next to 'Summer Semester'.  Click 'Update Current Sales Window'.  You can have one Allocation of each type open. For example, we have a Yearly Allocation active and now a Semester Allocation Active.
  5. Now the user that is setup correctly to view this locker will see the following on their user profile.
  6. Once the user clicks on Trudeau Hall, they will be able to see the different lockers available for Purchase.
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