Lot Groups allow you to group similar lots together to be seen as a single entity in OPS-COM.  A lot may only belong to one group and membership in a group is not required

Usage example:  a physical area may contain several virtual lots that are being monitored by a single LPR camera.

Manage Lot Groups

Under the Admin Options menu, hover on Parking, then click Manage Lot Groups.

You will be redirected to the Manage Lot Groups page. 

To create a new lot group, click the Add Lot Group button. 

A popup box will appear. 

Type in your desired group name in the text-box.
You can also set a Free Parking time limit. In this case we are configuring a lot with pay by plate meters.
This free parking time frame allows the user time to registar their plate at the meter.
Set the limit for Vehicle Counts

Click Save Changes to save this lot group.

Your new lot group will now appear in the list of Lot Groups.

To edit a Lot Group, select the desired group from the drop-down menu, then click the Edit button. 

The following popup will appear.

From there, you can Edit your group name, and its' free parking time as desired, then click Save Changes to save. 

To delete a lot group, Click on the Delete button associated with the lot you wish to delete.

A popup confirmation message will appear. Click Delete to remove the lot group.

Note: "Deleting" or "Archiving" is not an action that can be undo. The "Deleted" group will no longer appear on your list, however it's data will still exist in your OPS-COM system as it was connected to permits/parking lot data.

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