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Deposits can be collected on standard permits to cover things such as Access Cards and Permanent Hang Tags. You can manage the type of deposit you wish to charge for under the Admin Options.

Navigating to Deposits

To manage Deposits, click Admin Options then Manage Deposit Types followed by Manage Deposit Types.
Currently you can not get to this menu item from any of the functionality that is in Beta.)

This will take you to the Manage Deposits screen

Creating New Deposits

On the Manage Deposits screen you can add new deposit types by clicking Add Deposit Type. 

Fill out the information as needed and click Save Changes. Below are descriptions of the different options that can be used, but are not all required.

  • Label - Enter the name you wish to use to identify the deposit type. 
  • Placeholder Text - This field is optional. Enter the prompt or sample information you wish to appear in the deposit Information (For more information see this wiki page)
  • Flags - Toggle this button on if you wish to have the ability to edit the Assignable Text field in the resulting active deposit record. this will appear in the user's profile. (See below)
  • Deposit Amount - Enter the cost you wish to apply to this deposit.

Editing Existing Deposits

Click Edit to edit your current deposits. Make all of your changes followed by Save Changes when you are finished.

See the information under Creating New Deposits in this article for more information on what the individual fields are used for

Finding Deposit Usage 

We can find out how many as well as which deposits are in use from the Manage Deposits page. If the deposit is not in use, a delete button will be available.
Once a dposit has been assigned or used in the system you will no longer have the ability to delete the item an the delete button will no longer be visible.

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