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When do we use this?

This article explains how to manage your Admin User Accounts. It will cover adding, editing and removing Admin users from OPS-COM.

Creating an Admin Account

  1. Hover over 'System Config' and click 'Edit Admin Users'.

  2. The 'Manage Admininstrator Users' screen displays. Select 'Insert New User' from the drop-down menu, then click 'Retrieve'
    On the left, you will enter the user information, and on the right, you will select the admin role(s) this person will be responsible for.

  3. Enter the following information on the 'Creating New User' form:

  4. In the 'Active Roles' form select the role(s) the Admin User will be granted. For more information on Roles please see Roles and Permissions
    We suggest you view the video demo to fully understand how the Roles and Permissions in OPS-COM function. 

  5. Click Insert New User when complete to add the admin user to the system.

Editing an Existing Admin Account

  1. To manage Administrator Users, select the System Config menu, then click on Edit Admin Users.

  2. The Manage Administrator Users page will display. To change a user, select the user from the drop-down menu and click Retrieve. You can now change the options for that selected user.  Refer to this wiki article for information about filtering access by IP.

    Disabling an Admin Account

When do we use this?

Admin users cannot be deleted as they have data attached to their accounts. If an admin user changes roles or leaves the organization the best practice is to disable their account.
NOTE: It is very important to leave the admin users permissions in place as the permissions will affect reporting. Obviously, once the account is disabled any permissions existing cannot be auctioned and will only be used for reporting purposes.

1. Click on the System Config menu and choose 'Edit Admin Users'.

2. Click on the field labeled "Insert New User" to see a drop-down list of active users.

3. In this example, we are using the admin user Jim Daniels.

4. Click on jim_daniels to select that user.

5. The user is in an active state at this point. Uncheck the box titled "Activate this account and allow system login."

6. Click Update User to apply the change.

7. Notice how, when you go back to the list of Admin Users, the account is now listed under the Disabled Accounts listing.

Note: This action can be reversed at any time by editing the user account and checking  "Activate this account and allow system login."

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