When do we use this?

Missing Property Types are used to categorize missing/stolen goods, which includes but is not limited to; computers, jewelery, equipment etc. This is used with the IncidentAdmin module.


  1. Click Admin Options, Incidents and Missing Property Types.
  2. The Edit Missing Property Types and Fields page will display. You can edit, retrieve and/or add a new Property Type. 
  3. To add a new missing property type:
  • Click the Add Type button, and the page will refresh. 
  • Type the type of missing property in the textbox provided.
  • When finished, click Save Type. It will now say SAVED across the bottom. 


4. To edit a missing property type: 

  • Select the missing property type you wish to edit from the drop-down menu, then click "Retrieve"
  • The page will refresh to show the property type, and fields associated with it. To add a field to this property, click on "Add New Field".
  • Type in the Field Name in the textbox, select the Field Type from the dropdown menu (i.e checkbox, textbox etc.) and select whether or not it is a required field by clicking on the Required box.
  • Once you have finished, click Save Field to save. 


5. To delete a missing property type:

  • Select the property type you wish to delete from the drop down menu, and click Retrieve
  • If there are no fields found associated with that property, you can immediately click Delete

  • If there are fields found associated with that property, select the Delete checkbox attached to that field, then click Save All
  • The field attached to that property will be deleted. You may then follow the above instructions to Delete the property type. 



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