This article demonstrates how to set up the Parking Logix integration and display a map on the user side using system messaging. 

Enable Parking Logix Integration

Before you can use the Parking Logix integration on your system you will need to navigate to your Third Party settings under System Settings.

From there you should see the option to enable Parking Logix Integration

Adding the Lot Group

Next, add a new lot group to your system making sure you include the API code. It is possible but unlikely that there will be multiple API keys if lot access is split over several keys. 

Create a specific group for each lot you will be collecting data from.

It's important to note that you will also need to enter the Parking Logix specific name for the lot and it must match exactly.

For example, in the image below, the Parking Logix name is Mountaineer Garage

Once the Lot Group has been configured you would need to assign it to the lot on the LPR Settings Tab of the Lot Administration tool.

Note: For more information on using the Lot Administration Tool please see Setting Up a Lot To be Visible and Avaiable th the End User.

Enable the System Task

A system task must be enabled for the Parking Logix sensors to communicate with our system.

This must be enabled by OPS-COM integration staff and you can contact us through support to set this up. Please email for assistance.

Once the system task has been run you should see updated on the lot counts under Manage Parking Lot Groups

Displaying the Map on the User Side

Finally, enter the short code on the user side to any of your pages using System Messaging.

For more information on how system messaging works please see: followed by Editing Pages

The short code is [parking_logix] and you can pass addition parameters such as: only, show, filter, or name.  This will restrict the list to show only specific lots.

By design, it will only show lots that have a group assigned to it that have an API key stored in it.

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