Subscriptions are used to allow you to tag a default method of payment for any parking permits that you roll over from month to month. You can use payroll deductions, EFT, or credit cards as payment methods for subscriptions.  Subscriptions only affect permits that are being rolled over from a previous allocation period.

Note: If you are accepting credit cards that you wish to charge on a rollover, you must have a Gateway that allows you to charge client cards directly. This cannot work for a system that is set for Hosted Payments only.

In order for subscription to function, the user must provide information pertaining to the payment method they wish to use for their subscription service.

There are three main payment types that are used for subscription services:

Once the payment method information is setup in OPS-COM, you must configure the users' subscription settings. You must have a subscription set up if you wish to pay for permits that have been rolled over.

  1. Hover over the Profile tab and select Subscription Settings to bring up the Manage Subscriptions window. 
    In this example, we will select Electronic Funds Transfer as the preferred payment method.
  2. Click on the Payment Method field and select Electronic Funds Transfer. Click No Subscription under Method Details and select the bank account you wish to use in renewing the user's permit through the rollover utility.
  3. Click on Update Subscriptions to save your settings. This payment method will now be used in the rollover process.
  4. Here is the rollover screen. Note the three payment types displayed. The permit rollover will trigger the system to purchase these permits through the rollover method.

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