When do we use this?

Permits are normally set to roll over from one active period to the next. However, when a client cancels their parking before the next rollover, you need to prevent this from happening so that the client is not inadvertently charged for parking again. This is done using the "Renewable" or "Prevent Rollover" settings. This is set at the permit level after purchase only. On purchase all permits are assumed to be renewable. Only Administrators can set this up.

  1.  Purchase a permit as an Administrator for any user.  Locate the permit on the Profile page and click to reveal the Parking Permit Information window.
  2.  Change the Rollover State to Prevent Rollover. Enter a comment to explain why you are changing the state. This is mandatory.
  3. Click Update Permit.
  4. A message will display to let you know you have changed the flag. You will also see the notes to indicate why the flag was changed. 
  5. When you process the rollovers, this permit will not show up in the list. Instead, it will show up in a separate list called "Permits that will not be rolled over."
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