Preview spaces exist to allow clients to test or stage changes to their system. The preview spaces are secured in the same manner as our production/live systems though they exist in a testing environment.

As a client of OPS-COM you can access your preview space by simply adding the ".preview." suffix to your subdomain name.  So as an example, TomahawkU's production space is found at the web address  and the preview space is found at

Production/live data is backed up between the hours of 8-9pm EST and available to push to the testing environment at any time. In other words a capture of the database is made between 8-9 PM daily so if you were to do a refresh of the preview site the following day it would pull data captured the night before. This operation is outside of normal backup procedures and exists only for the purpose of having relevant data available for testing and preview during training or similar efforts.

Preview Space Banner

Preview Spaces are denoted with an orange warning banner as seen below in the screenshot.

Considerations for Testing

The Preview spaces are very useful for testing and training. They allow you work with a copy of the live database so that you will have real data to work with without affecting your production system. The database can be manually reset at any time by following the instructions below for "Reset the Database". This will allow you to "erase" your training data and start testing again.

Email is not Sent on Preview/Testing

All email that would be sent from the server is captured before it goes into the "wild".  Therefore, any preview/testing email notifications will not reach clients.

Reset the Database

To reset the database, click 'System Config' and select 'Reset Database'.  This will reset the database to the last backup that is available to the preview environment.

Lock and Unlock Database Reset Option

You can now lock and unlock preview and development OPS-COM databases from being reset/refreshed.

To do this, go to the Reset Database page and lock/unlock the database as needed. A reason will be given for locking and unlocking databases and a history of the previous 10 locks/unlocks will be shown below for reference.

This feature allows you to ensure that if you're working on a preview/development system and do NOT wish for your changes to be reset/lost, you can place a lock notifying others who try and refresh the database that you do not want this done. Until we each have our own OPS-COM accounts, please include your name in the lock/unlock reason so that others know who to go to when unlocking the database.

Please see the following image for further reference on the Lock and Unlock Reset Database functionality.

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