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When do we use this?

This section allows you to add new lots as well as to edit the price of a permit for the specified lot by editing the text box on the same line as the lot name. 

1. Hover over the 'Parking Management' icon and click 'Lot Administration' then 'Pricing and Lot Admin'.

2. The Permit Pricing & Lot Administration screen will display. You can edit lot prices and lot visibility on this screen.   Click the 'Show Archived' button to view/edit archived lots. Click the 'Excel Export' link to get a report of all the permits in a lot.  If you are able to edit the price and the check box for visible to users, this indicates that the lot is currently part of an active allocation.  To activate an allocation, refer to Allocate Permits. Press the 'Save Updates' button after making any changes.

3.  Click the 'Lot Name' link to see details for that lot. Lot info is split into 4 tabs; General, Zone & Location, Temporary Parking, and Statistics. Click the 'Update this Lot' button to save any changes you make to each tab.

  • On the General Tab, under Lot Types, If you want to restrict access to certain user types select User Type lot and then select what user types you wish to grant access. Hold the Ctrl key when clicking on user types to select multiple types.


4.  Click the 'Add New Lot' link to add new lots (real or virtual) to the lot listing. The screen will appear as above.

Additional Information 

Under the Additional Information tab you will find information regarding the lot. 

GL Code (General Leger) as well as ITC code (Input Tax Credit)are used in accounting. 
Total Spaces is literallly a field indicating how many spots are in the lot
ADA represents the number of special spots. (Handicapped, Expectant Mothers)
Visitor is the number of spots designated for visitors



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