The designation of Primary Driver is put in place to identify the owner of a vehicle in most cases. A vehicle can be in the system under two or more user profiles however there should only be one primary driver.  

Why is there a Primary Driver?

The Primary Driver will receive communication from the system such as violation notices. There is a nightly script that runs which will designate primary driver to any vehicle that has been added to the system.  If there is no Primary Driver on a vehicle when an appeal is launched, the person launching the appeal will be automatically designated as the Primary Driver.

Who is the Primary Driver?

To access and edit the Primary Driver setting for a vehicle. Go to the user's profile and click the Vehicles tab.  If any vehicle has more than one driver associated, you will see a list of users as indicated in the screenshot.  The current Primary Driver is indicated in bold text.

Edit a Primary Driver

To edit the Primary Driver information click on the Plate link to access the Edit Vehicle screen.

In the Edit Vehicle popup screen you will see the primary driver field. This is a drop down menu that allows you to select one of the associated drivers as the Primary Driver.

Click on the field to access the drop down list. In our example here we are switching the primary driver from Jrockwood to Mashbury.

Once you have selected your preferred Primary Driver click on Update Vehicle to save your choice.

Notice now that the listing has Mashbury as the Primary Driver.

Troubleshooting Tip

In some rare cases there are legacy records that might have multiple Primary Drivers associated to the same vehicle. In cases like this, you can resolve the issue by going through the steps described above. By setting the Primary Driver through this tool the system will take the latest selected driver as the preferred Primary Driver and remove the designation from any other driver in the system.

Signs you have two Primary Drivers

If there are two or more Primary Drivers designated for a single vehicle it could cause violations to appear duplicated in the payments screen. If you are experiencing duplication in violations please check the Primary Driver status for the vehicle as a first step to resolving the issue.

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