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This article describes how to pair and setup a Zebra Printer to work with OPS-COM for Android. These instructions are based on using a Zebra ZQ520 printer.

Pairing the Printer

  1. Go into the device settings and select Connections, then Bluetooth. The printer you are attempting to pair with should be listed as available. In this case we see the ZQ520BT printer is available.
  2. Tap the printer name to begin pairing. A number will appear on the printer screen as well as on the Android device. A message instructing you to ensure the numbers match will also appear. Tap the check mark button on the printer and then tap the message on the Android device. You will see a message indicating the pairing was successful. If not simple repeat the process.

Setting up the Printer for Use

  1. You must install the Zebra Printer Setup Utility from the Google Play store.
  2.  This utility will allow you to set up the configuration for the printer. (Media size, Orientation etc.)
  3. Tap the Media Settings menu and then tap Media Settings again.
  4. In Media settings we are setting up for a 3x7 printer roll. To do this enter the following:
    • Set the format to Receipt
    • Set the width to 3.1
    • Set the Length to 7.85
    • Set the Orientation to Inverted

  5. Tap Next.
  6. Set the Media Type to Continuous. 
  7. Set The Type of Transfer to Direct Thermal.
  8. Set The Mobile Handling to Rewind.
  9. Tap Next
  10. On the last screen tap Apply.
  11. On the Media Settings screen tap Print Test Label to check that the print is centered and oriented properly.
  12. You are now ready to select the printer from apps on the Android device.

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  1. Changed a few clicks to taps.

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