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When do we use this?

The Purchase a Locker option allows customers to rent a locker.

  1. Click the locker link in the navigation bar near the top or bottom of the page or in the index.
  2. If the organization has set one up, you will see the Locker Disclaimer.  Read the disclaimer carefully before agreeing to proceed.
  3. The Lockers area will display.  

    This will take you to a page with a map of your campus which will have a list of the different buildings where you can rent a locker. Select the link for the location where you want to rent a locker.

  4. Click on the Women's Locker Room to purchase a Locker. The Locker information page is displayed.  Choose locker 101 and click Reserve Locker.
  5. This will take you to the Payments Due page.  Follow the steps in this wiki article to make your payment. 
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