The use of QR code technology as a quick way to purchase temporary parking creates a user-friendly payment system for parking lots.

Configuring a Lot for QR Code Usage

Important Information

In order to have QR code functionality for each lot, you need to add the user type Guest User to the user types in your system and select it in the general tab in Lot Administration. Removing Guest User will shut off QR code functionality for that specific lot.

To begin using QR codes for a specific lot, you must set up the functionality in Lot Administration under the Temporary Parking tab. As you can see below, the QR code is automatically generated when you create a lot.

You can customize the QR code of each lot with an image placed at the centre. This image is typically your company logo which is used to brand the QR code.

Upload the logo you wish to use to the media bin, and you will then be able to select it through the Logo field in QR code configuration.

It is important to set your hourly costs in order for the user to be able to select the timeframe and cost they wish to book for.

Note: You can break down the pricing whatever way you wish. In the example below, the user has a choice between 1, 3, 5, or 7 hours of parking at the corresponding rates.

To print the QR code, click on the Print QR Code button.

This will open a print dialogue box, allowing you to print the QR code so it can be posted in the lot where you wish this functionality to exist.

The User Experience

By scanning the QR code with a QR code scanner, possibly in photo app on your phone, you will either be taken right to the purchase permit page or be presented with a URL to click that will direct you to the purchase page.

Upon your first visit to the page, you will be prompted to accept the Guest Disclaimer.

Since the QR code is specific to the lot you wish to make a booking in, the lot will already be selected.

You must then enter your vehicle plate and the expected duration of your stay.

Once you have selected the plate and duration, you will need to select the payment method. In most cases, the list will only contain the payment provider you are supported by.

In this example, the payment method is EdgeExpress.

Note: the process from this point may vary slightly from one payment provider to another, but all follow a similar path.

At this point, you will be taken to the payment provider where you can enter your credit card information.

Once the needed information has been entered, tap on Make Payment to proceed.

Once the payment has processed, you will be presented with an on-screen transaction record.

The User Receipt

You will also be sent a receipt by email at this point.

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