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When do we use this?

To be notified of whats happening in the area

There is a new feature in the Android Handheld version 4.0 software. Patrol officers now have the ability to see important news by viewing message alerts on the handheld device. Alert messages are pushed out to all or individual handhelds by the Administrators of the OPS-COM software.

  1. Alerts will display on the handhelds as they come in or you can view them later. To view recent Alerts click the Message Alerts area within the Handheld software.

2. There are 3 types of Alerts that can be pushed out to the handhelds. 

  • Yellow Alerts - These alerts are used to inform users of events that should be monitored.
  • Blue Alerts - These alerts are for informational purposes.
  • Red Alerts - These alerts are for situations that require immediate action.

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