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When would we use this

To fix some issues it may be necessary to perform a "clean install".
A clean install essentially means purging the unit of the app in question and performing a fresh install from the google play store.

Step one - Uninstalling. 


PLEASE NOTE: If you are uninstalling the software to then reinstall it, do not uninstall the software if ViolationTransfer and/or VehicleTransfer tables contain data (view under Replication Status). These tables must be replicated to the server first to avoid data integrity issues.

Generally a standard sync of the data will ensure all data has been pushed to the server.

To uninstall the OperationsCommander app for Android follow these steps.

  1. From the main applications select Settings

2. Once in settings:

Select the General Tab.
Under Device Manager on the Left of the screen Tap Applications to bring up a list of Apps on the right.
Locate the OperationsCommander application in the list.

3. Tap the application to bring up the following screen:

4. Tap Uninstall to remove the application from the unit.

Step two - Reinstalling

  1. On the device Apps screen, locate the Google Play Store app.

2. Tap to open the app and search for operationscommander or opscom (all lower case, all one word)

3. Tap the icon to begin the install process.

4. The following window opens, tap the Install button.

5.This settings window will pop up to allow access to integrated apps on the handheld device. Tap Accept.

6. Once the app has installed the screen will refresh with the following:
          Note: A pop-up will appear when the shortcut is created.

To launch the application, use the Open button, or go to the device's main screen and start the app from the shortcut.

OperationsCommander parking and security management platform