When do we use this?

When a Municipal end user has violations that have been sent to Court for collection, the Admin has the ability to limit the users ability to purchase permits until such time as the violations is collected.
The admin can also restrict the ability to pay these violations on the admin side.

Note: You must be setup to use the Court Requested Conviction status and workflow. Currently this is only available for the Ontario Court. Contact your sales representative for more information.

The following article will illustrate the settings needed and the outcome.

  1.  Click System ConfigSystem Settings to ensure the settings that pertain to Collections are set to disallow payments while violations are under the CRC status.
  2. Ensure that the following settings are enabled and save the settings:
     - Prevent Violation Payment
     - Prevent Purchases

  3. There are two permissions that deal with the treatment of payments for CRC items. To setup these permissions, click System Config, Manage Roles.  
  4. Select the role you wish to add these abilities to. In this example we will add them to Primary Admin. Click on Permissions to access the settings.

  5. Under the violations Tab ensure that these two settings are enabled:
    (A) Pay Violations In Collections. (Allows the Admin to process payments on violations that are in collections.)
    (B) Purchase While Outstanding (Allows the Admin to purchase items for the user while the user has a violation that has been sent to collections. This is only necessary while Prevent Purchases is turned on in the settings.

  6. The following two screens show how this functionality appears to the End User and the Admin:

    This is what the User will see if they have violations with the 'Sent to CRC' status. Note the notices indicating the violation has been Sent to Collections.

    Here is what the Admin sees if they have the permission to pay these violations while in collection status. Note the notices indicating the violation has been Sent to Collections.

    Here's the Admin view with the permission to pay these violations while in collection status enabled. Note the fact that the violation is still shown as Sent to Collections yet is still payable by the Admin.

    In addition, if the User tried to pay the violation through OPS-COM Quick Pay/Guest Payments they would see the same message disallowing the payment of the violation.

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