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There are many options to be setup before you go live with OPS-COM. Your Account Executive will be coordinating the gathering all of the following information. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us at any time by emailing

Setting up the Look and Feel of the User Portal

The User Portal is the site you will send your clients to. From there they will purchase permits and lockers, join waiting lists and appeal and pay for violations. 

Uploading Images for Use in Templates

In order to place images in the different templates you must upload them to the File Manager. Please refer to this wiki article for more information

Template Design

OPS-COM offers powerful flexibility to allow your team to customize the look and feel of your User Portal system. This is done by designing the site template. You will require your graphics and any messaging you would like to see on the pages. Please refer to this wiki article for more information on Template Design.

System Messaging

System messages allow information to be shared across multiple pages through the use of short code tokens and they also deliver the content to your clients that is important to you. Please refer to this wiki article for more information about setting up system messaging.

Email Template Setup

Default email templates are used when clients receive receipts/messaging for payments, password resets, incident reports, permit invoice, and appeals submitted by users. By editing these templates you are adjusting these messages to include the desired text and images you prefer. Please refer to this wiki article for more information about setting up email templates.  

Invoice Template Setup

An admin has the ability to edit the look and feel of the invoice email template. Please refer to this wiki article to learn more about the various fields and how they can be added to the Invoice Email Template.

User Setup

Your Account Executive will help you determine what user types may be useful for you to setup and what the rules appropriate to those users may be. For example, you may want to allow Full-Time Students to park in different lots than Part-Time students. User Types will lay the groundwork for you to do this.  Once you have decided what types you will be using, you can use this wiki article to set them up.  

You will also need to decide what information you will require when a new user creates a profile on your system. Refer to this wiki article for setup information.  

You will also need to setup the Vehicle description information and your locations.

ParkAdmin Setup

A powerful aspect of OPS-COM is the ability to setup Virtual Parking lots and segregate them into Lot Groups and Zones. You will also have to give consideration to the types of permits and the rules for each permit type that you would like to use. For example, you may want to allow for permits that are sold daily or monthly.  

Your Training Coordinator will discuss this in detail with you. Before discussing it, review the information in  this section of the wiki

ViolationAdmin Setup

ViolationAdmin uses innovative mobile technology to efficiently track, manage and record violations to support your parking environment. To setup this module, you will be required to a number of tasks. These tasks are listed below. 

Proof and order your Violations stock

Your Account Executive will be in contact to ensure you are getting the correct tickets and that you approve the design. This can have a long lead time and should be done quickly.  If you are sourcing your own Violation stock please ensure you allow yourself 4-6 weeks to have them printed and shipped to you.

Input your Offences 

OffenceAdmin  allows Administrators to add, remove and edit the offences that are used to issue Violations. Fine amounts are set and the discount for each offence is administered here.  You must populate your Ticket Type groups and your corresponding offenses. For information about this refer to this wiki article.

Setup your Handhelds and Printers

If you have purchased the hardware through the OPS-COM team, we will ship them directly to you with the software pre-loaded and the printer's paired.  If you have sourced them yourself, you will need to follow the instructions in the wiki articles to complete the setup of your Android handheld units. You will also need to use the instructions in the wiki articles below to setup and pair your printers.

Your Training Coordinator will go through using the handhelds but it is beneficial to work through the Android Handheld Wiki to make the training more meaningful for you.  In particular it is important to familiarize your self with the Best Practices for OPS-COM Android wiki article.

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