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OPS-COM has done some integration to Workday that includes exporting Violation Payments from OPS-COM. This integration is described below. You must have purchased and setup this integration to work with your system. This is not included with standard OPS-COM functionality. Contact your Sales Rep for more information.


Viewing Task Logs

The see when the violation workday process will run or if the process is enabled you can hover over the Options menu followed by View System Task Logs

Here you can see the Workday Student Violation Process along with other useful information such as Logs and the Frequency in which the script will run. This can be changed to any frequency in minutes by contacting OPS-COM support. 

Workday Requirements

In order for a violation to get processed by workday on your system the user must be a student user type and follow on of the example user types A16229411, A16186348, S20000208. 

Workday Process

Violations tagged as Warnings or Spoiled will not be exported.. 

Once the system task has been run, the violations will be processed from the student accounts and is removed from the users dashboard. To confirm that the violation has been processed by workday you can click History, All Records and View Completed History. This message should display to indicate that the system has processed the violation by workday. Furthermore, if there are any errors, you can also check here to see what issues may have occurred if the violation does not get processed by workday.

If you drill into History, All Records and scroll to the violations section, you can click on the violation number in question to view the Violation Information. From there you will see that the violation has been processed by workday and you can hover over the workday flag to see when it was processed. 

Workday Adjustment

If you need to make an adjustment to a violation that has already been processed by workday, you can go to History, All Records and scroll to the violation section of the history. Next to the violation number that you would like to adjust, click on the Processed link to the right of the violation which will take you to the Transaction Details

From here you want to click on Void Payment and add a comment such as Administrative_Adjustment. When you are ready click the Refund Payment Record button. 

At this point if you go back to the Violation Information from the users history or violation search you will see the violation is no longer processed and it still has the Exported to Workday flag. This flag remains to ensure that it does not get picked up by workday again before the adjustment can be made. 

Finally, to make your adjustment, click the Edit button from the violation information window which will take you to the Edit Violation Information window to make any adjustments required. 

On the edit violation screen you can make any adjustments you would like expect for marking the violation as Spoiled or Warning. This will prevent the violation from being sent to workday.

If you want to cancel the violation simply click the Ticket has not been appealed yet. Show Appeal Form link and select cancel from the Fine Action drop-down list. 

From there you can enter the appeal information.

When you are ready, scroll to the bottom of the violation and click Update This Violation

At this point the violation will have a new flag set called Workday Adjustment. This is a temporary flag to let the workday task know that the violation is waiting to be picked up again and matches it to the violationID that was already sent to workday. 

Once the workday task runs again it will get processed and the Export to Workday flag will be added back to the violation. 

Video Demonstration

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