The System Dashboard is evolving. As new widgets become available they will be added to the system. Please feel free to tell us what widgets you would like to see by sending an email to

Accessing the System Dashboard

The system dashboard is accessible by clicking on your login name in the top right-hand corner and clicking Dashboard v.0.1.

The System Dashboard will be displayed.  It is populated with widgets which link to Violation and Parking data.  For clients that own IncidentAdmin, Incident Dispatch widgets are also displayed.

To select the widgets to display, click the Dashboard Settings button.  You can enable the check boxes next to the widgets you would like displayed.

This dashboard makes use of graphing, table and mapping widgets.  In all cases, the displays are real-time and based on the data currently maintained by the system.  

Value Added

This offers an overview of an organizations health as well as strategic information for resource planning.  As an example, the Violations Hot Spots mapping component shows the clustered locations of issued violations.  As you drill down into this map interface the user can easily see where the majority of violations have been written.  This allows the business office (or dispatcher) to allocate resources appropriately to maximize revenue generated.

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