When do we use this?

The Company Editor allows the Admin to add company entries to the OPS-COM system. Once a company is added the Company Manager can manage their employees accounts.

Accessing the User Company Editor

  1.  Under Admin Options, click Users, User Companies.
  2. The Company Search window will display. To add a company click Create New Company.
  3. The Company Edit window will display. In our example we are using the following entries:
    • Account Number: ABC-12345
    • Company Name: Widgets Incorporated Address: 100 Main Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K2K 2E6
    • Contact Name: John Walker Address: 1110 Main Street, Carleton Place, Ontario, K2K 1R4

Once the data is entered, click Add New Company

4. When we return to the Company Search page, it should look like the following: Notice how we now have our company in place but no users at this point.

To add users, navigate to the user's profile. In our example we are adding John Walker (the company contact). In John's profile enter Widgets Incorporated in the company field to link John to that company.

5. Enable the Company Manager checkbox to select John as a Company Manager. This will allow him to access the profiles of other people in his company. 

Note: There can be multiple Company Managers for the same company.

When complete it will look like the following:

You can continue to add users to the company in the same manner as described above. In this example we will add John Doe as well John Griffiths to the company. When you then search the company notice we now have a user count of 3 displayed:

If you click on the number, the system will take you to the user search screen displaying the 3 users associated with the company.

Company Manager Functionality on the User Interface

When do we use this?

A Company Manager can be designated to manage user accounts for their respective company employees. The Company Manager function allows the manager to login as the employee and have all the functionality of a specific user. This allows them to update profiles, purchase permits, Add or remove vehicles, etc, on behalf of the employee.

  1. To access the Company Users tool on the User Interface, we will log in as John Walker, the Company Manager. Company Managers will see an additional menu item. Click on the Company User Icon to access a list of the associated users.

  2. From this window, the Company Manager has the ability to login to the OPS-COM system as the selected user and manage that user's account. 
    Company Managers will be able to update the profile, buy permits, pay violations, etc.

  3. In this example, we will log in as John Griffiths. A pop-up message will appear indicating the user you are logged in as.

  4. The user's Home menu screen will display.  

  5. From this interface the company manager can perform all the functions he needs to on behalf of his employee.

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