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When do we use this?

User Search allows administrators to find user(s) information to view/edit. You can filter on Username/Last Name/ Email, Student or Employee Number, Phone, Department or User Type.

1. Hover over 'User Management' and click 'User Search'.

2. The 'User Search' screen will display. Administrators can search by username, last name, email, student/employee number, phone number, department or user type(s).

If you leave all fields blank, a listing of all users will display. Click the 'Search' button when you have entered all of the search criteria.

3. The search findings table will be returned below the 'User Search' box. This table can be sorted by clicking on the table headings.  

Click the gold H on the left to to view the user history log. Click the envelope icon to send the user an email message

Click the username to view/edit  the profile.

When a user profile is open, administrators can use the tabs at the top of the screen to also view/edit the user's profile, lockers, vehicles, parking, payments, history and contact history.

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