When do we use this?

Proration is a permission that can be given to an admin user. It allows them to sell a permit to a user that is valid for a shorter portion of the active sales window and have the system adjust the cost of the permit accordingly. A good example is a student parker starting to park a vehicle halfway through a year or semester. 

Note - There is a video after the instructions that illustrate the instructions.


 Hover over the System Config menu and click Manage Roles. For more information on Editing Permissions refer to this wiki article.

In this case we will apply the permission to the role of Parking Manager Admin.

  1. Click on Permissions to the right of Parking Manager Admin.
  2. The Editing Permissions window will open.
  3. Go into the Parking Tab. (third tab)
  4. Click on the permission labeled Prorate Permit Purchases.
  5. Click on Save Permissions to apply the permission for this admin user.

Once the permission is applied any admin with this role can sell permits with proration applied.

Using Proration for Permits

  1. Search for a user and bring up their profile. In our example we are looking for the user bbarker. 
  2. Click on the Parking tab to begin the process of buying a permit.
  3. The Parking Permit Registration screen displays. Click on Standard Parking Permit.
  4. Choose the lot you want a permit for and click Register Permit.

By default the Confirm Parking Permit Registration displays the full month details with a start date of January 1st at a cost of $250.00 per month.

5. Edit the Permit Start Date field to the desired start date. In this example, our parker will begin using the permit on January 15th.

Notice the Total Owing is now prorated and adjusted to $154.92 from $282.50. Click Purchase this Permit to complete the purchase.

6. The Payments Due window will display. Note the adjusted protrated amount appears here as well. Click Proceed to Payment to complete the transaction.

 Video Instructions

Permit Proration.mp4






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